Authors: Rawda Abdelhamid, Rita Wang, Kern Packette, Angelina Borrero

Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest, most destructive, and strongest Hurricane of 2012. Hurricane Sandy began from a tropical depression formed off the northeast coast of Nicaragua in the Caribbean sea. Over time, it got more dangerous and destroyed everything along its path.

Hurricane Sandy is one of the many hurricanes that have greatly impacted New York City. Hurricane Sandy was caused by a tropical depression that eventually grew stronger and became a hurricane. More than 100 people died and even more, people lost their homes. There were people who also required medical attention for new or ongoing illnesses.

After the hurricane, construction started taking place and workers were rebuilding the destroyed houses. According to Fox News, “The mayor then outlined and released a 438-page report entitled ‘A Stronger, More Resilient New York,’ containing 250 specific initiatives intended to fortify the city’s 520 miles of coastline.” Not only did the workers in NYC start rebuilding houses, but they were also building a seawall to protect themselves if another hurricane comes.

Ultimately hurricane Sandy caused a great impact on our societies, leaving many people with no homes, loss of loved ones, and a tragic memory to live with. What truly matters though is how we got back from it and how we better ourselves and our communities, as well as what we did to get back.


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