By Jaylene Matias

By now, we should all be aware of the climate crisis, but do we know how bad the climate crisis is hitting our planet? Fossil-fueled technology poses a significant threat to the Planet, and this will cause the temperature to rise so high in the next fifty years that we will not be able to live in most areas anymore if any at all. reports that with the worsening climate, millions of people have had to leave their homes due to wildfires, rising sea levels, and drought. These conflicts we are facing today will only get much worse and cause millions more to have no choice but to migrate to another location. How often do people have to migrate before the government finally realizes that burning coal and gas is such a huge problem?

Because of the global warming issue, a natural disaster occurs each year, leaving millions dead or forced to relocate. According to the U.N.’s panel on climate change report, over the next 30 years, migration will increase to at least 143 million people.

The problem is that climate migrants are often overlooked because the climate is not a big enough issue to make a change. The law does not protect millions of people fleeing their areas because it can only protect people who want to flee persecution. This flaw forces millions to have no choice but stay in areas heavily affected by climate change and eventually perish. Think about it. Millions of innocent people die, including children, because of climate change. Does the government care, and are they actively trying to stop it?

As reported by PBS news, after Joe Biden became president, he ordered the search for safe locations for people who have been displaced due to climate change. The president’s orders look to be a step in the right direction, as it is not fair for migrants to suffer for something beyond their control.

The major problem with this is that if there is no active effort to reduce climate change, then millions of people will have to constantly move until there is not a single place on this Planet that is affected by climate change, and if we do not act now the Planet may not be habitable for future generations.

Of course, we cannot only rely on government efforts to reduce climate change as it is also man-made. We can help make a difference to make this Planet safer. There are many ways someone can change their lives and how to live to treat the Planet better. You may have heard the term reduce, reuse, and recycle. The amount of waste can be reduced by finding a secondary use for most items (i.e., plastic) in your home that you would initially find useless. Many will be surprised at how many items in someone’s home can be reused. Reducing, Reusing, and recycling helps the environment save money, energy, and resources we need to thrive.