In many ways, we are perfectly okay with some level of corruption, at the federal, state, and local levels. Corruption has become normal. I will not be citing examples, media does that every day. Outrageous incidents of corruption and anti-democratic behavior are commonplace. I want to speak about something else. What is the fallout from going back to normal, when so much in our lives is dire? 

I listen to the local news, the national news, and the social media news. People are no longer speaking about what is happening in right-wing circles. The year is five months old, and already there have been 133 mass shootings. Over 6500 people have committed suicide by guns. In 150 days, 6500 people are dead, by their own hands, using a gun. 

Yet the news is not talking about this. 

South Africa is experiencing flooding so extreme there is no history to compare it to. It is destroying the land and homes, everywhere. 

In the United States hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and extreme heat are devastating millions of acres of land. These extreme events are displacing millions of people. 

The media is focused on corruption that no one wants to hear about. Local news is reporting on shootings, and theft, from local black people, going back to the habit of profiling. National news reports there is inflation but has anyone seen the home prices? A $300,000.00 home in 2020, is now selling for $450,000.00. That is extreme inflation, which will lead to a recession.  

The main stories are about Ukraine, and well they should be. There is a way to report on what is happening. It happens when our leaders speak in concrete terms, and we stop trying to find the smoking gun. There is no responsibility being taken by the Republican Party. The Democratic Party is too slow in trying to help everyone because they don’t want to admit, that they take as much money as the Republicans. 

We must stop trying to find an opposing side, to lies. The opposing side does not exist when the opposing viewpoint is speaking a fabricated opinion. We are stuck, with so much corruption it is becoming normal. 

Much of what is happening can be resolved if we all call for change. The fear is convenience will be hampered. We love our cars, our gas furnaces, and our air conditioning. The leaf blowers, snowblowers, leaving our cars running while we run into the store. The plastic bags and balloons, choke the oceans and animals, on land and in the sea. 

The reply is, life can’t stop, we have to keep living. I have news, life is ending. In less time than we had planned the extreme weather will become so severe the only life, we will have is preparing for the next hurricane, tornado, fire, heatwave, or extreme freeze. 

This is not a guess, look around, the weather is self-evident. Become involved in saving our world, starting with not ignoring the corruption, in favor of the news that says the media is working hard to end corruption, they are not. Messaging is not action. Action is action. 

The corruption is happening, it is not going away if we turn away.  If we leave it to others. Ask yourself simple questions: Is it hard to call a senator or congressperson and leave a message. Is it hard to find an email to the department of energy, and let them know how you feel? Communication is free. 

Action is worth the effort, even if it’s just an email or phone call.