Orkney, Scotland, July 2021:

In this Earth Sygns article is the launch in Scotland of what is being called the world’s most powerful Tidal Turbine. The 680-ton turbine has started to export grid-level energy to mainland Scotland from off the coast of the Orkney Archipelago. This level of energy generation is slated to replace all forms of fossil and nuclear energy by 2040.

Tidal Turbines around the world have been generating renewable energy for some time. They have not reached this level of electricity delivery before. Dubbed the Orbital Marine Power O2, the turbine is drawing attention for its size and efficiency.

Paid for with public monies, the initiative has run about 4.72 million through the Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund, and public lenders.

The UK is embarking on many marine-related energy projects. The Orbital Marine Power O2 project marks a major step forward in the UK’s nascent marine energy program.

With very little of the system above the water, and able to generate gigawatts of electricity just from the shifting tides and currents, the Orbital marine Power O2 is as low a footprint as any completely green project to date. The surrounding marine life is unaffected by its presence, and they can deliver gigawatts of energy, predictably and dependably.

An initiative for tidal energy off the coast of Sicily is planned as are projects throughout Europe. As usual USA is focused in other areas, some of which aren’t quite as climate friendly as a tidal turbine program.

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