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Earth Sygns is a bi-weekly small community newspaper to be given out in the local area to businesses and organizations. It lays out in simple terms what is happening, why it is happening, and what is going on in your community. Earth Sygns is a sygn of the times, and a call to action. Not huge action, but small action, and that along with the millions who are involved forces real action from those who think we have time. 

Right now we are setting up the community hub and the website. The name is – and we need community publishers. To head up small local initiatives. 

This would entail . . .

  1. Signing up for the initiative at [email protected]
  2. Downloading the first editions of Earth Sygns
  3. Printing out a small number of Earth Sygns
  4. Forwarding a small number of Earth Sygns Digital Format
  5. The Printed versions will be just folded double sided printed material on a landscape orientated 11.0 x 8.5 in piece of the cheapest stock you can find. 


Climate Crisis – Earth is getting hotter faster than it can manage to cool. This causes extreme wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons, blizzards. These events cause other events like droughts, freezing weather in warm climates, and that in turn cause more heating and more extreme events – it is a wheel, a cycle, that is spinning faster and faster towards unsustainable heat levels

Global Warming – The increase in overall world temperature due to the impact of man. This doesn’t happen in just faraway places. It is happening on your block, in your community, everyday – air is less breathable, fewer births, fiercer weather events, more asthma, more disease that spreads faster, all these things come from a connection to the warming of the planet. They do, as we all know, affect you. 

Simple Problems 

Every drop of fossil fuel we burn, refine, turn into plastic, or draw from the ground, increases the heating of the Earth. 

Every animal farm, meat packing facility, dairy farm, increases the temp of the Earth by releasing methane into the air like an enormous soil stack. 

The whole of the Earth can not maintain the levels of pollution that create the heat factories that lift huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. 

Results of inaction

If we breathe carbon dioxide instead of air, it destroys the brain, the body, resulting in death. This happens over a longer period of time. But the result is less births, less health, and shorter life. Those effects happen to increase faster as the carbon dioxide increases. At the current rates the planet will become uninhabitable in about 19 years. 

We Don’t Have Time to play politics, or wait for the fossil fuel industry to find another profit machine like renewable energy. 

We have to act. 

There are things we can do, measures we can take. Small tasks and large, for those who want to help, but for some reason can’t. For those who believe but are waiting for everyone else to join, we are here waiting for you. 

Earth Sygns is something you can do on your time, at your pace, and inspire others to help in simple ways.

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