By: Akshinta Das


According to statistics, the number of trees cut down in the Amazon during January has increased deforestation in the same month since last year according to government satellite data. The areas which were destroyed five times larger than 2021, the highest in January statistical data records since 2015. A lot of environment activists accuse Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro who allowed deforestation to increase.

Tackling Climate Change

We need to protect the Amazon Rainforest if we need to tackle climate change. A lot of trees are cut for timber as well as to clear spaces for agriculture to supply global food companies. Along with habitat destruction, trends which interacted with climate change, the concern is that the Amazon rainforest will be set in loops which might lead to habitat degradation.

According to a few scientists in the timeframe, this might be optimistic as some of these models don’t include synergistic effects of deforestation as well as regional climate change.

Brazil: Illegal Logging

About 60% of Amazon rainforests are in Brazil, and it plays an important role in absorbing toxic Co2 that would usually escape into the atmosphere.

In a latest statistical report, they found that deforestation has increased by 22% in the previous year, with 13,235 (5110 sq. miles) of loss of forests. The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, was criticised for anti-environment policies like for encouraging agrarian and mining activities in the Amazon.

Bolsonaro has cut government funding for several agencies which are responsible for the prosecution of farmers and loggers breaking the environmental law. The fines for illegal logging have dropped down by 20% in 2020.

Solutions to save the Amazon Rainforests

Scientists have thought of an action plan to save the Amazon rainforests, irrigation system and region. The plan talks about respecting Amazon’s 400 or more indigenous tribal communities which endanger the viability of the protected region.

We know that the Amazon rainforest is a mega diverse ecosystem which is home to 35 million people and it holds 1 in 10 of Earth’s known species. But the key to its survival is its balance. Deforestation as well as climate change have seen a decline of fifth of its forest cover in 50 years.

The Amazon we want

The sovereignty of the Amazon is untouchable: The countries which come under the Amazon have rights over their own territories as well as their natural resources. These are enforced legal rights which cannot be challenged outside the Amazon. The eight countries are: Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

Innovative Solutions

According to the World Economic Forum, they have made a decision to call for innovative bioeconomy projects in the Amazon rainforests which protects and restores its biodiversity and ecosystem.


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