Tagged: environmentalism


Numb to everything bad, what you need to know

by SA Vicinanza Why are we numb, uninvolved, and desensitized to anything that is happening right now, such as climate change, authoritarianism, and gun violence? Because we are hooked into the American way, which...


Could the world run out of clean water?

By: Kirsten Hogg Why is clean water important? Humans need clean freshwater for our survival.  Water helps us regulate our internal temperature, protect our organs and tissues, and eliminate waste products.  We also need clean...


The Use Of Green Hydrogen

By: Emma Thomas Hydrogen can be associated with multiple colors: blue, green, and grey. This is in reference to the way hydrogen is produced. Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas while grey hydrogen...


The science behind heat waves

Sarah Phillips Tales of environmental disasters – wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, heat waves, heat domes – have crowded the news over the past months.  There are now, on average, six heat waves per year in...

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