Author: s a vicinanza

Rising Sea Levels

Authors: Micah Kwok, Katherine Cielo, Lailah Fields, Ayesha Qaiser, Nimra Younis, and Danil Gurshumov. Did you ever wonder how rising sea levels impacted society and the way we live today? Sea Levels are increasing...

How are we Responding to Hurricane Sandy in NYC?

Authors: Rawda Abdelhamid, Rita Wang, Kern Packette, Angelina Borrero Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest, most destructive, and strongest Hurricane of 2012. Hurricane Sandy began from a tropical depression formed off the northeast coast of...

Denial and Acceptance

The shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde have a uniquely horrific aspect. The victims were the most vulnerable among us, the elderly, and children under 12. They were all in our vulnerable locations, places where we...

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